Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are allowed on the boat?

Our boats can safely handle 16 passengers in addition to our driver.

Are children allowed on the boat?

Our boat tours are normally for 18+ only. If you want to bring kids along, you MUST discuss this with us at the time of booking. If children will be on board, there may be alcohol restrictions and you may be asked to bring life jackets for them. If you bring children or babies without discussing ahead of time, sadly we may have to turn you away for liability reasons.

How long is a boat ride?

Typical boat rides last around 2 hours, but longer ones can be scheduled ahead of time.

Who supplies the beverages & food?

Beverages and food are bought by you.

What About Restrooms?

The Deck was nice enough to let us stop in for restroom breaks. Feel free to grab a drink from the bar and bring it back on the boat.

What about Music?

We supply Music. We have a Bluetooth speaker system with Spotify ready to go. You are also welcome to Sync your phone and control your own music.

When is the boat in operation?

We typically operate May 1- Oct 31 and nearly any day or any time weather permitting.

Where do we meet to get on the boat?

To get on the boat, go to Headwaters Park West Boat Dock (208 S Calhoun St, Fort Wayne, IN 46802).

The dock is located at the center of the park circle about 500 feet north of the Park’s parking lot.

Where can we park?

Parking can be found at the Headwaters Park parking lot.

Are life jackets needed? Are they provided?

Life jackets and safety equipment are provided and actively ready for any passenger.